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How We Lower Taxes For Commercial Properties




Represent taxpayers in real property valuation appeals

Administer various real property tax exemption or deferral programs for clients (e.g. homebuilder inventory exemptions)

Consult with taxpayers in estimating their tax liabilities (e.g. investment due diligence assistance) and identifying ways to minimize those liabilities (e.g. structuring participation in agricultural use programs, appealing improper values, etc.)

Save Time & Money

TAPS’ efforts typically result in multiple years of tax savings for its clients. In addition to saving clients money, our expertise saves clients time and provides them peace of mind. Technical property tax laws vary by jurisdiction and are unfamiliar to non-specialists. We know the relevant laws, processes, methodologies, and people to deliver optimal outcomes.

Go Local

TAPS specializes in the commercial real estate markets of North Carolina and South Carolina. Importantly, the bulk of TAPS’ representation occurs within driving distance of its office. This allows us to visit your property and represent you in-person before governmental tax personnel whom we often know. TAPS believes local, in-person representation is more effective representation.

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Multi-Discipline Expertise

We’re able to deliver superior service and results because of our unique combination of legal training, real estate market experience, and property tax expertise.  Thus, as an extension of your team, we build on your knowledge, and work to achieve optimal results while minimizing the time demands on you and your staff.

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