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Act now to:

  • preserve your appeal rights;
  • build the strongest appeal possible; and
  • avoid appeal backlogs.

Appeal procedures and time lines vary by taxing jurisdiction. Many jurisdictions provide a short time frame (e.g. 30 days) in which to file an appeal and to provide required information that supports the appeal. Don't wait until the last minute or you could miss your appeal deadline and lose your right to appeal. Filing an appeal requires gathering property data, visiting the property, analyzing market transaction data, etc. All of these activities may take more time than provided to you by the taxing jurisdiction. In addition, public tax data websites and other public data may be unavailable in a timely manner due to spikes in user demand often associated with a tax reassessment. Finally, taxing jurisdictions often develop backlogs of appeals as appeal deadlines approach. Acting now and filing any appeal as early as possible can help avoid delays in resolving your appeal.

To avoid these issues, contact TAPS now to arrange for it to represent you. You have the option of paying nothing upfront and it is never too early for TAPS to begin compiling data on your property and preparing for potential appeals. In fact, TAPS offers lower fees during non-peak times to encourage advance action.

Contact TAPS now by phone at 877-203-4140 or by email at
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