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Property Tax Appeal Services - Overview

The property tax problem

Property tax is a significant expense for property owners and tenants. A national taxpayer advocacy group estimated that up to 60% of all real estate may be over-assessed which results in taxpayers paying more than their fair share of property taxes. This problem of inflated tax values has been compounded by the rapid decline of property values in many markets and negative economic conditions. In determining the tax value of your real estate, local taxing authorities typically use automated mass appraisal methodologies. While these methods may be efficient for taxing authorities, they are subject to inaccuracy, particularly with respect to commercial properties. Prudent taxpayers need to protect themselves from unfair tax valuations.

Tax Advantage Property Services (TAPS) is the solution

As a provider of property tax appeal services, TAPS analyzes its clients' properties and associated tax records, identifies incorrect tax appraisal values, and represents its clients in tax appeals in an effort to reduce clients' property tax burden. TAPS' goal is to fairly and diligently minimize the property tax obligations of its clients within the bounds of proper ethical conduct, good corporate citizenship, and adherence to all applicable legal authority.

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