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General Data Needed for Property Tax Appeals

NOTE: This list is for illustrative purposes. TAPS understands that all of these items may not be readily available. TAPS routinely works with clients to obtain as much data as possible with as little administrative burden on clients as possible. Part of the TAPS "Tax-Advantage" involves working with clients' various systems and resources in a flexible manner to mount an effective review and appeal.

  • Tax Parcel ID number
  • Address
  • Legal owner(s) name and contact information
  • Property manager name and contact information (if applicable)
  • Recent survey and photo (if available)
  • Floor plan and plot plan (if available)
  • Land Area (acres, frontage)
  • Purchase price of land (if recent)
  • Closing statement and deeds
  • Yard Improvements (lighting, paving, fencing, etc.)
  • Buildings (age, type of construction, rentable SF)
  • Building improvements (e.g. HVAC, electrical, etc.)
  • Construction costs (contractor's invoice, if recent)
  • Lease information, if applicable (term, rate, any options to purchase, etc.)
  • Income and expense statements for past 3 years (if applicable)
  • Rent rolls (if applicable)
  • Appraisals (if any)
  • Vacancy information (SF)
  • Capital improvements needed & estimate of cost to cure
  • Environmental issues
  • Unusual value issues:
    • Right-of-way takings
    • Declining market
    • Traffic changes
    • Parking limitations
  • Publicity concerning property
  • Information on easements, rezoning, annexation
  • Primary contact(s) for data requests, property tours, and appeal status updates

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